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World Marque & Domain of Co-op Movement

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VoxWorld.Coop Ethical Brand for Communities


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UNIVERSAL RETAIL FRANCHISES for Social Inclusion via Better Livelihoods

"All of Us, Thinking Differently, WORKING Together....Shared Beliefs"™

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Customise this World Community Co-operative Cafes Poster and follow the "Community Co-op Awareness Programme" with #VoxCoopCafes

Now commencing at Community Cafes across Ireland (N&S), England, Scotland, Wales (also more inclusively known as I.O.N.A. - Islands of the North Atlantic) and their Diaspora Communities in USA and around the World. Cafes can be located on the high street or in the village. Cafes can also be attached to hotels, clubs, hubs, pubs, culture centres, tourist hotspots and telecentres - any location wishing to attract increased tourists or ethical shopper footfall. 

The first focus is on Ireland, which in ancient history was known as Eriu, and is now promoted under VoxWorld.Coop label as EriuVox: The Ethical brand. It first promotes Ireland's four Nobel Prize Winners for Literacy - William Butler Yeats (1923), George Bernard Shaw (1925), Samuel Beckett (1969) and Seamus Heaney (1995). The first feature is William Butler Yeats whose 150th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated worldwide this year, commencing 13th June 2015. 

Customisable World Community Co-operative Cafes - the Poster & Community Awareness programme



The Co-operative Marque is the Key to the Future of The Community. The custom Co-op USB Keys found under VoxWorld.Coop Label promotes Community Inclusion Programmes with Co-op Awareness, Visibility & Identity

The Community Key to new LivelihoodsWe became known as VoxWorld.Coop, and the independent Coop/ Third Sector org that promotes idea of I.C.C.O. at this group. We will become distinguished however by VoxGEM, the Ethical Label we now promotes on a Retail platform. The audience we seek to address are those on the other side of the track of Inequality - mostly people who offline still, typically underbanked and feeling a sense of exclusion from society.

The World started on its radical course of relentless change back in late 1990's, a scale of change not known in the history of our cities, towns and villages for a century or more - not since the Transportation revolution with its planes, trains, railroads and cars. Co-operatives have seen and survived well both of these seismic changes in society while observing at close quarter their impact on the Communities in which they live. Today, Co-ops recognise that they must change more, if their people are not to be left behind like so many were a century ago. Jobs skills have changed. Countless jobs have been lost. Entirely new kinds of jobs are being created every day. Colleges and Universities are too slow to respond, a vast gulf and skills mismatch now exists – no time to learn as before. And a third of available Jobs are Online Only – closed out to those who do not yet possess digital skills. This is both a threat, by undermining or losing existing livelihoods, and an opportunity to find new and better sources of income. But! It’s more than that too. People are feeling excluded on a far bigger scale, in their own Communities – not just digitally excluded but socially, economically and financially excluded too. That must be addressed on a scale to match and that now requires Co-operatives, the renowned social leaders of long-standing, to play a bigger, leadership, local champion, change agent, change-maker role.

Coming from the private sector, the Co-op Principles have been under sustained attack, the Co-op Brand has been attacked, the Co-op Structure has been under attack for decades now – but its Co-op Values have stood firm throughout the onslaught. New ways had to be found to stabilise the Co-op ship however. And the Co-operatives have responded by creating a single Co-operative Marque worldwide. They have created a Digital Co-operative identity too: They have launched Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade too, a global plan: Is that enough though? Crosscheck with growing Inequality gulf and the answers clearly - no.

So it needs more to stop the erosion of Coops into the private sector that already see the emerging public backlash and growing clamour for products, and increasingly more services, but with meaning or purpose – those with ethical values. This is the Coops area of greatest strength – its century old Community trust, social values and principles which Co-ops have cornered through history. It’s Coops to lose, but Coops need to act now and with urgency to stop the rapid erosion. They have devised the plans to do so, yes. Now they need to implement, in scale. They need to turn to the Communities – not just Coop members- recognise their huge sense of exclusion and reach out, respond to their needs worldwide and in scale. What is needed is Better Livelihoods, the most viable idea in alleviating poverty, to address the acute needs of the most vulnerable in society. They need challenging solutions for our unemployed, low income earners, ageing populations and our less well educated. By how well they address those challenges will Coops of the future be measured and known.

VoxWorld.Coop is a front-runner in that race to implement such plans today, with new ways and new ideas for taking a Community-led Co-op Campaign into the cities, towns and villages. It’s is a leader in seeing Retail, as in a new kind of innovative retailing, as the pathway for those Communities to open up a brighter future. It begins with the offline but computer-accessible USBs, with a secure USB Key as its symbol of that change. And it works in tandem with the Co-operative Marque, the Key to the Future of Co-ops.

The Co-operative Marque is the Key to the Future of the Community. The custom Co-op USB Keys now found under VoxWorld.Coop Label promotes Community Inclusion Programmes in tandem with Co-op Awareness, Visibility & Identity. While, in recognition of the Ethical Values that it will always carry, VOX (the Voice of Xclusion) this week revealed its retail-driven Ethical initiative with VoxGEM (Guaranteed Ethical Marketplace) as its contribution to Community Coop engagement. This is the identified path to a revitalised, vibrant - online, offline and mobile accessible - Co-operative Movement, holder of the Key to an Ethical World of tomorrow.


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The World Co-op Marque & Domain
The World Co-op Marque & Domain
The World Co-op Marque & Domain








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