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IF you ever think you're having a bad day....this short video is sure to change your mind. It has attracted nearly two million Youtube views so far where empathy takes on a whole new meaning. IF we were to walk in another's shoes, to see what they see, to hear what they hear, to feel what they feel....we might think differently about what we say and do about, for example, the Big Issues that face our growing Ageing Populations and the values they contribute to society. Or better still, join in the Coffee & Conversation for an hour a week at your local Cafe!



The customisable #VoxCanCafes Poster for March 2015 Community Awareness programme

The customisable #VoxCanCafes Poster for March 2015 Community Awareness programme

A Partnership Announcement:
Change AGEnts UK and VOX World Co-op agree to work together for Change through better Livelihoods among Ageing Population & Baby Boomer Communities worldwide.

London & Dublin: On July 30th 2014 Change AGEnts Network UK (CAN UK) announced that they had just entered into what they described as “an exciting new partnership with VoxWorld.Coop”, in a ground-breaking collaborative initiative for formation of the first ‘Community VOX’ at Change AGEnts Network UK (‘VOX CAN’) to represent worldwide Global Community trading activities of UK Ageing Populations. Communications and Implementation Plans are now being prepared for VOX CAN inaugural team meeting in London shortly with subsequent official activation under umbrella of ICCO, a Dublin-based International Community Co-operative Org., to follow immediately thereafter.

Our group members will already know of VOX, whose work has been reflected weekly on our LinkedIn pages over past two years – itself being the culmination of VOX’s global groundwork that began in 2003, with this being the final phase en route to Community VOX collaborative engagements for benefit of under-served Ageing Populations and Baby Boomers through trading activities. 

Who are Change AGEnts Network UK? Apart from their frequent, invaluable and encouraging contributions to our group over the past year or more, their excellent website link below explains that CAN UK is an Older Person’s Participate Co-operative whose Vision “is one of contribution, opportunity and engagement; a vision of a society of all ages, not just as rhetoric but one of human rights, contribution, co-operation, and citizenship. Too much of current public policy is based on what Older People cannot do, thus being primarily patients or service-users rather than citizens; that Older People are an integral to a society that values all its members, and that are valued, respected, heard, influential, contributors and agents of change, with the same potential as anyone else, regardless of chronological age.”

And CAN UK through UK OPAG, their Older Person’s Advisory Group further “offers a platform for co-production, debate, discussion, capacity building, networking, participation, equality and equity and again citizenship, based on co-operative principles.” 

So what of the shape of things to come, what can VOX & CAN UK expect to achieve together from this collaboration over next three years? This recent CAN UK announcement Notice Board link describes it well: “The social and economic exclusion of Older People is at the heart of an exciting partnership that Change Agents has recently entered into with Community VOX (Voice of the Excluded). We have agreed to take forward, over the next three years, a joint programme with our Dublin based partners. This will be a web based initiative, with our OPAG networks, using webcasting, to champion Older People’s engagement. Using the Co-op brand marque, together with ‘World Café style’ facilitation, Older People will be able to access the VOX Box Systems. There will also be a focus on Information Technology literacy courses, using USB cards. The VOX programme is supported by participating Community Co-op outlets and includes a range of co-operative products. The programme is part of the worldwide initiative, VOX World Co-op;  for Change Agents this represents a potential income stream, which complements our own voice programme.”

Concluding CAN UK says: “Change Agents, as part of our strategic development, has agreed to include this partnership as a significant priority over the next three years. More information and progress will be provided through our newsletter I’mage and of course our website.”

VOX CAN will promote across the Global Community of UK’s Ageing Population the joint objective of “Social and Economic Inclusion through Better Livelihoods” by targeting new and innovation services towards Ageing Populations (known as Baby Boomers in USA), shoppers with a social conscience who collectively make a very big difference every day in countless livelihoods. 


If the Internet is the Printing Press of 21st Century - What will Democracy look like in the Internet Era?

Does its legalistic language leave its people as outsiders? Are we alert to fact that people no longer shun commitment and do not want to be passive bystanders anymore, they want to be involved beyond the ballot boxes? Are we clueless still, trying to solve today's problems with yesterday’s tools, not using today’s technology? Or is there more to it? Yes, the challenges for change are not tech ones, they are cultural ones. The solution in a nutshell then, according to Pia Mancini of Argentina, is to persuade and be persuaded: the mantra 'No Representation without Conversation'. Real change requires a Leap of Faith - we need to engage with the system, become part of the conversation and rewire it; transform noise and silence into signal. And Pia is very persuasive in that argument, see video:


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The World Co-op Marque & Domain
The World Co-op Marque & Domain
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