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Homeshores Direct: A Festival of WORLD CULTURES 365


We are all increasingly aware of emerging transformational change in the Jobs market, following the crash in financial/ property markets of 2008, and across all sectors, all careers and all trades, as well as at all work levels worldwide. However there is also millions of often unseen and unfilled specialist jobs and the numbers are growing - mostly being a huge gap in skills falling far short short of global demand in the high skilled Jobs & Services Market worldwide. This is easy to understand when we appreciate the incredible demand for Languages & Cultural insights following globalisation in fields of internet sales & marketing and many other fields. ICT skills have become the foundation stones for entering some of over 100 different careers, jobs & trade pathways we may choose to travel through life. VoxLabs® can address these in four distinct ways, to reflect the drive away from Classroom-centric Learning and towards Student-centric Learning; a recognition of life demands that sees more and more people learning at home, on the move, as mobile migrants, as time-travellers, or simply in continuing education after a hard week's work. To implement our Solution we have chosen the Sm'art Consulting Franchisor route to address this Education question through innovation, acknowledging the shortfall in Colleges capacity and/ or funding and their consequent inability to profer a solution themselves. New ideas and New Ways are needed - Education at Home, provided in many ways to reflect the many many roadblocks to such progress.

This VoxLabs® Model Step , Sm'art | [email protected] Programme, in continuing Rollout of E-Community Development Programme using

VoxLabs® Model from Ireland though its authorised Service Providers is about Self Employment, for those to want to fill workplace gaps - by working on their own trading initiative or idea, or following one of over 100 Career Paths, or want to be part of a Workers Co-op, or perhaps need a more independent way of life. To date we have taken the following 2 steps together, as successive elements of VoxLabs® Model unfold in helping you create your own work in chosen MSME, Career, Workers Co-op or Self-Employed Jobs:

  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors.
  2. Career-driven LifeWork 100 HIGH-SKILLED Sm'art Jobs - taking up a Career with Sm'art Learning Model, using VoxLabs-listed distance Learn Programmes services for creation of your own gap-filling Tacit Interactive Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Consulting Franchisors. Features the first Consumer Interface, being introduced with this step, is the customisable VoxLabs® Voucher & Card, also available on the Wallets product platform, and as illustrated below........                                                                                         Illustration of VoxLabs Voucher & Card

The VoxLabs® Model, in targetting the Diaspora Communities initially within the 4 billion population at BOP (Bottom of Pyramid), have concentrated its Sm'art Coop Model on providing Traded-Services in three distinct areas, for which Ireland is recognised, for creation of Education-driven Sm'art Jobs via Sm'art Co-ops in BOP Marketplace:

Illustration of VoxLabs Voucher & Card

  1. JOBS SM'ART: LifeWork 100 Information & Communications Technology Sm'art [email protected] programmes for delivery worldwide as TRADED-SERVICES - ICT skills for LifeWork 100 jobs, culture customisable
  2. SM'ART EDUCATION: LifeWork 100 Distance Education & Continuing Education Sm'art L'[email protected] programmes for delivery worldwide as TRADED-SERVICES - global [email protected] opportunities to work-at-home.
  3. SM'ART HEATHCARE: global Community 200 HealthCare & Wellness Sm'art [email protected] programmes for delivery worldwide as TRADED-SERVICES - by people who care, for under-served Communities.
There is also a new awareness of the radicially way different ways in which people learn today - stretching from face-to-face tutors in Schools, Colleges & Universities; to online Internet learning; to self-paced learning; to online computer internet distance learning at home; to rapid learning techniques requirements; to on-campus extra-curricular learning; to corporate campus courses learning; to learning as we earn on block release courses; to learning to fill jobs skill gaps; to apprentice-type tacit knowledge learning while on-the-job; and from correspondence courses to mobile translations learning, and many more. We now have the Educational cum Job opportunities, the freedom and the capability to Work-at-Home like never before, known generally as Tele-working but also as Sm'art Traders or at Sm'art Hubs -  changing the entire landscape of Employment as we know it.
  1. Web-based Learning (WBL)
  2. Computer-based Learning (CBL)
  3. Paper-based Learning (PBL)
  4. E-Community Colleges-based Learning (CCBL)
Within these Course types will lie over a 100 different ICT Courses, each preparing you for one or many gaps in job/ career/ trade opportunities that exist today. Our goal is to deliver an all-encompassing service - access to Courses, with access to financial resources and with jobs access....what we decribe as [email protected] & [email protected]
To help with your decision - the Top 10 Jobs, Careers & Trades in USA Today are shown on Sm'art Traders sections.
All of which is incredibly important when we realise that there are billions of people who require ICT & LifeWork Education in general, and on an on-going basis - mostly never receiving what they need and want, for a vast array of reasons. And the biggest of these ICT applications for the future is in Services, known as the Services Sciences - to meet the ever growing demands of Service Economies; as Products are rapidly replaced in importance by their related Services (eg. Mobile phone is less important than mobile phone services) or simply as Traded-Services themselves (eg. TeleSales & TeleServices in general). When you participate in formation (or avail of the services of) your local Community Co-op - leading ICT applications can be found in the following prioritised Services Opportunities - for which you will need access to ICT Courses to successfully achieve:
  1. Retail & Wholesale Services
  2. Banking & Finance Services
  3. Insurance Services
  4. Tele-Health & Wellness Services (Top 2 Big Budget most countries)
  5. Tele-Education Services (Top 2 Big Budget)
  6. Tele-Services (Skills Shortfall areas)
  7. Culture & Media
We are living in a world in Transformation - travelling from dotCom Bust period to a dotCoop (Co-operatives) Boom period; from  Production Economies to Knowledge & Innovation Economies; from a Computer Sciences driven world to a Services Sciences driven world. This New World will be led by Changemakers, Social Entrepreneurs & Social Innovators - people who care for other people most of all; a world thats no longer is a salve to materialism; a happier world as it awakens to a much wider breath of possibilities as we reach out and become aware of what each Culture has to offer other Cultures; in a sense, become a festival of world cultures 365 - One World At Work. In a world that is ever-changing from one of 'People following Opportunities', to a world that is 'Services following People who are Ready' to grasp them in jobs, trade or career - a world we see as "Sm'art & Green Economies", one in which everyone can participate.

The VoxLabs
® Model will focus initially, as an International Co-operative Community Organisation (also known as a Community.Coop) on promoting Educating the ICT Educators of the Services Sciences, so more and more people can [email protected] to [email protected] outside of the Classroom:
  1. Basic Services.
  2. Business Services
  3. Customisation Service
  4. Innovation Services    

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