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 "The concentration of wealth in a minority rich and the social exclusion of the majority poor constitute the greatest threats in the history of democracy and peace in industrialised countries as well as in developing countries....Cooperativism is the only capable movement to counter these threats."
Roberto Rodriquez - President, International Cooperative Alliance



The VoxLABS™ Model is dedicated to co-creation and building of Community-based Co-operatives, specifically those driven by online interactive E-Communities.Coop™ Outlets (OmegaPOINTS™) with distribution of their Community Culture Brands from their Community Hubs (AlphaPOINTS™) and in a co-promotion under dotCoop (.Coop) the online brand identity of the Co-op Movement worldwide. Delivery will be through a Next Generation network of Sm'art World Model Franchisors at VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS - In-House, Consulting, Co-ops and Retail. The VoxLABS™ Model is for operation exclusively through a system of Licence authorisation procedures to ensure ongoing commitment to our goals, and in so doing we commence our activities at ICCO in IYC 2012 with Sm'art In-House Franchising Licensing. The model aims to collaboratively use the Co-op Movement Principles, as well as Fair Trade standards, within the VoxLABS™ Model in a co-promotion designed to serve billions of people residing in under-served Communities all over the world, at so-called bottom (or base) of the pyramid, BOP. Fundamentally we aim to achieve this through assisting in the introduction of Social Innovation for Communities to generate new business, enabled by leveraging ICT skills within the Co-op Movement for introduction of international 24/7 trading in traded-services within their Diaspora Community networks. The VoxLABS™ Model is an exclusive application for the BOP Social Marketplace, specifically enabling distribution of E-Community.Coop Brands or private Community Culture labels. In doing so, we also promote the principles of the Co-op Movement through VoxWorld©.Coop™: "THE Interactive Community [email protected] OUTLETS™" in application of the model, inline with the seven principles of the Co-op Movement as set out by its Apex Org, the ICA.Coop:


  1. Voluntary and open membership
  2. Democratic member control
  3. Member economic participation                                                                                      
  4. Autonomy and independence
  5. Education, training and information
  6. Cooperation among co-operatives
  7. Concern for Community


CO-OP VALUES: Democracy, Equality, Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Equity & Solidarity.

CO-OP ETHICAL VALUES: Social Responsibility, Openess, Honesty & Caring for Others.

A participating Community can be defined by whatever paramaters its members wish it to be, subject only to viable number of members of that Community consistent with achieving its aims. VoxWorld©.Coop™ will accomodate four types of Community Co-operatives under dotcoop (.Coop™), each with a variety of VOX© sub-groups within:

  1. SMART VILLAGES World Communities @ VoxWorld.Coop (Arts & Culture) Outlets: Our aim is to bring together Communities in Third/ Social Sector whose common interest is primarily Arts & Culture.
    1. CULTURE CATEGORIES - Books, Music, Sport, Games, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Heritage & Roots, Famous, Myths & Legends, Life & Times.
    2. CULTURE SOURCES - Radio Stations, TV Stations, Record Labels & Collectors, Libraries, Book Publishers, Culture Centres, Sports & other Clubs, Tourism Orgs, Lifestyle Orgs, Archives.
  2. SOCIAL SECTOR World Communities @ VoxWorld.Coop (Third Sector): Our aim is to bring together Communities in Third/ Social Sector whose common interest is primarily participation in Third Sector Organisations.
    1. FORMAL - Cooperatives/ NFP, Foundations, Associations, Trade Unions, Public Internet Access Points/ TeleCentres, Community & Culture Orgs/CBO's/ HTA/ Civic & Social Orgs/ Civil Society, NGO's, Federations/ Confederations, Media Lab & Charitable Orgs. 
    2. INFORMAL - Networks, Platforms, Social Network Services/ Social Media Networks, Clubs, Informal Groups/ SHG/ Faith-based, Social Movements, Learning Circles/ Study Groups/ Open R&D/ CIDE/ CEP, HackLabs/ Peer Learning/ Knowledge Sharing & Peer to Peer Groups/ SHG (p2p).
  3. LIFEWORK World Communities @ VoxWorld.Coop (Careers): Our aim is to bring together Communities in Third/ Social Sector whose common interest is primarily their choice of Career.
    1. i-Care, i-Teach, i-Sing, i-Create, i-Write, i-Seek, i-Repair, i-Buy, i-Guide, i-Heal, i-Promote, i-Communicate, i-Safeguard, i-Study, i-Innovate, i-Secure, i-Promise, i-Judge, i-Draw, i-Landscape, i-Finance, i-Lead, i-Protect, i-Record, i-Critique, i-Sew, i-Plan, i-Harvest, i-Deliver, i-Contribute, i-Save, i-Sign, i-Preserve, i-Solve, i-Dream, i-Build, i-Invest, i-Develop, i-Negotiate, i-Run, i-Coach, i-Think, i-Invent, i-Observe, i-Plan, i-Strategise, i-Listen, i-Speak, i-Defend, i-Coordinate, i-Explore, i-Sculpt, i-Paint, i-Consult, i-Fly, i-Assist, i-Solve, i-Mobilise, i-Imagine, i-Share, i-Transmit, i-Document, i-Improvise, i-Interview, i-Model, i-Translate, i-Compete, i-Tell Stories, i-Research, i-Analyse, i-Construct, i-Rescue, i-Programme, i-Direct, i-Act, i-Host, i-Process, i-Support, i-Connect, i-Mend, i-Read, i-Calculate, i-Talk, i-Instruct, i-Solve, i-Play, i-Advertise, i-Trade, i-Edit, i-Chart, i-Bank, i-Remedy, i-Educate, i-Assemble, i-Train, i-Inform, i-Monitor, i-Venture, i-Broadcast, i-Order, i-Check, i-Record, i-Dance, i-Orchestrate, i-Compose, i-Organise, i-Arrange, i-Advise, i-Govern, i-Photograph, i-Drive, i-Edit, i-Serve, i-illustrate, i-Shop, i-Forecast, i-Rescue, i-Cook, i-Compose, i-Sell, i-Design, i-Give, i-Find, i-Inspire, i-Understand, i-Believe, i-Unite, i-Report, i-Market, i-Troubleshoot, i-Engineer, i-Administer
  4. LIFESKILLS World Communities @ VoxWorld.Coop (Temperaments): Our aim is to bring together Communities in Third/ Social Sector whose common interest is primarily their LifeSkills.
    1. ARTISANS - Operators (Crafters & Promoters) & Entertainers (Performers & Composers)
    2. GUARDIANS - Administrators (Supervisors & Inspectors) & Conservators (Providers & Protectors)
    3. IDEALISTS - Mentors (Teachers & Councillors) & Advocates (Champions & Healers)
    4. RATIONALS - Coordinators (Top Managers & Masterminds) & Engineers (Inventors & Architects)

To join VoxWorld©.Coop™ Community Network and generate local Community jobs, or your own job, encourage another or become your Local Community Champion (or Village within) - and show your Community the way, when you become one or more of the following.......

  1. A Community DIGITAL Champion - promote Digital Literacy and eInclusion programmes, promote opening of your Community website, to light up your Villages with e-Commerce through traded-services, or arrange Tutors and Coaches at your local Telecentre & local Community Hubs.
  2. A Community SOCIAL Champion - promote formation of your own Community Co-operative @ VoxWorld.Coop, join the Communities Sub-Group(s) that most appeals, then identify with other Communities - those with whom you share most in common, even come together to form your own local Roundtable at a local Cafe.
  3. A Community ECONOMIC Champion - promote engagement with your own Diaspora in 'global ambassador' reachout programmes, promote leveraging of remittances channel at local Credit Unions to drive local economic advancement, develop and promote your own people's unique skills.
  4. A Community FINANCIAL Champion - promote Financial Literacy programmes, arrange Tutors and Coaches at your local Telecentre & local Community Hubs, promote a fund to build your own Community Brand.


The Third Sector Community Type may also be defined by its borders, where we were born - continent, region, country, state, district, province; or by city, town or village boundaries; or it can be borderless eg. Irish Diaspora, Irish American Diaspora, Irish Migrants, Irish Emigrants etc; or it may be defined by a Community's Cultural makeup - such as Sports Clubs, Music Clubs, Book Clubs, Dance Clubs, Affinity Groups etc; or it may even be defined by its cross-border Cultural associations - eg. Great Silk Road, Great Celtic Routes. It may range from Global, Regional to National....Carers, Nurses, Care-workers, Homecarers, Nursing Networks, Nursing Coaches, Nursing Colleges, Nurses Alumni, Teaching Hospitals Alumni etc; or it may be simply drawn by Leisure pastimes, interests or activities like Flower arranging, Home Gardening, Fruit & Veg allotments, Homecrafts, Aran knitting, the Arts, or perhaps sharing a disability or philosophy; or other Affinity Group - Farmers, Gardeners, Fishermen, Artists, Singers, Writers, Readers, Students, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Single Parents, Patients, etc. The options are great, the solution for you is found in answer to question: with whom you most identify?.

Whichever E-Communities.Coop Org members you decide to join with, its usefullness will most often be determined by its level of instant appeal to and subsequent participation by its mostly borderless Diaspora Community, at least in the first instance (later we will address Social Causes & other Movements too), and involving the embracing of your Culture. To distinguish its nature, structure and goals from that of traditional Community Centres or traditional Co-ops - it will primarily be driven by Community Social Innovation, will usually be borderless in nature as an online Global Community, and will openly collaborate online with other Cooperatives - usually designated by dotCoop or .Coop™ - and with outwork engagement with networks of Home-workers and Co-op workers alike. It will uniquely embrace local Culture & global Technology to foster online Continuing Education Programmes - specifically to enable provision of new internationally traded-services to and through its Diaspora community in filling previously un-met global demand while satisfying local services needs - via leveraging social purchasing, money transfer and with matching funds potential in creation of Local Community Hub Projects, all with support of VoxLABS™ O&O Services. The Hub's primary focus will be on Traded-Services while generating self-sufficeincy among its Community. All Structures of such Communities joining together to collaborate at VoxWorld©.Coop™ will then be that of Co-operatives, while abiding by ICA.Coop (Geneva) Principles as set out above, and in a co-promotion with dotCoop (.Coop™) of Dot Cooperatives LLC (USA). Minimum Co-op membership levels will apply, to ensure commercial level of activity. A nominal membership fee may apply upon ICCO registration in IYC 2012 to fund pre-trading E-Community.Coop™ operational disbursements during setup. An over-riding Corporate structure will be deployed to legally protect the Coop's assets - property, leases, cash and debitcard handling, project investment funds, trademarks & other intellectual property, goodwill, reputation, brand, licences etc. Hierarchies however will not be supported within the management & supervisory board structures, that structure being a cross-border European Cooperative Society (SCE) entity. Individual membership (12) will be through their chosen local Community-based Orgs, to reflect the borderless E-Community nature intended. The ICCO Management Board member representations will rotate and involve all Regional Chapters founders (7), SCE Founding Investors (4) and ICCO Founder. The ICCO Supervisory Board appointees will be made by the membership, one per Country on a rotating basis. Three non-executive Emeritus positions will also be appointed to oversee implementation of VoxLABS™ model. Founder members will draw up the Statues for operation of SCE. With an open and voluntary membership - one member, one vote will apply; so no one country, regional or global member will have disproportionate control. Each Co-op eill be required to remain under member control at all times. All profits will be for reinvestment in Community Hub Projects, often in co-funded projects for such as an ATM installation under common ownership rules, and specifically for benefit of local community projects. Optionally, Directors may subsequently elect to appoint an authorised VoxLABS™ Consultant, on a daily fee or retainer basis, for implementation of Model's Hub & Outlets. Each Co-op member will at all times retain its Independence.

The primary application of VoxLABS™ will be under the generic banner of
VoxWorld©.Coop™ for private-labelled Virtual Communities, within the rapidly growing Social Marketplace. It will be implemented in a (.Coop™) co-promotion among any of the c1.0 billion member Co-op Movement, Social Enterprise, Volunteer/ SHG or any other Third Sector Org Chapter, dotCoop being the prestigious top level domain and online brand marque of the Co-op Communities movement. Organisations who are already registered with a Co-op domain can join with us immediately on this Co-op path, and Tell their Story as they do so. Then we can all learn and appreciate more about each others values, as we unleash or generate huge work opportunities together - and watch as One World at Work become a reality.


For a pen picture of the Co-op Movement you should browse through the following or follow the links to their websites for further details:

  • About dotCoop (.Coop) http://www.coop/pages/aboutus   "Since 2002, .coop has been the way to locate and identify cooperatives on the Internet. .Coop™ is the only domain that is reserved for cooperatives and cooperative organizations that are guided by cooperative values and principles as defined in the Cooperative Principles of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), such as member ownership and control. DotCooperation LLC (dotCoop), the sponsor of the .coop™ domain, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and defines and implements eligibility and verification policies for use of the exclusive cooperative domain.  Midcounties Cooperative Domains Ltd (MCD), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midcounties Cooperative, Ltd and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of .coop's technical environment."   And Cooperatives Europe, the European Division of ICA says: " .Coop™ is the de facto verifiable brand identity for cooperatives worldwide. With its primary focus online it is perfectly suited to supporting and promoting cooperative identity in the fastest developing business environment that is revolutionizing the way we all live and work. Each website visit and each email sent reinforces the distinctive and trusted nature of our cooperatives, building recognition amongst consumers and delivering a new cultural awareness of the scale, diversity and values of cooperative enterprise. .coop™ is also highly effective offline, subtly and effectively stating your cooperative difference on every piece of communication your organisation produces. .coop™ is a “social brand”, a powerful mark that sits quietly and comfortably alongside your cooperative’s business branding, and which is shared with many thousands of other cooperative enterprises around the globe, building a worldwide network of trust."  http://www.coopseurope.coop/spip.php?article809

"What is a co-operative?"A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

Ranging from small-scale to multi-million dollar businesses across the globe, co-operatives employ more than 100 million women and men and have more than 800 million individual members."

What is the co-operative difference?

"Co-operatives are enterprises that put people at the centre of their business and not capital. Co-operatives are business enterprises and thus can be defined in terms of three basic interests: ownership, control, and beneficiary. Only in the co-operative enterprise are all three interests vested directly in the hands of the user. Co-operatives put people at the heart of all their business. They follow a broaderset of values than those associated purely with making a profit. Because co-operatives are owned and democratically-controlled by their members (individuals or groups and even capital enterprises) the decisions taken by co-operatives balance the need for profitability with the needs of their members and the wider interests of the community. Co-operatives are also enterprises that follow a set of principles and values - The Co-operative Principles. The Co-operative Identity Statement elaborated in 1995 by the ICA is the internationally recognised definition of the co-operatives, its values, and principles."

CO-OP Facts:

"Statistical Information on the Co-operative Movement - The Co-operative Movement brings together over 800 million people around the world. The United Nations estimated in 1994 that the livelihood of nearly 3 billion people, or half of the world's population, was made secure by co-operative enterprise. These enterprises continue to play significant economic and social roles in their communities. Below are some facts about the Movement that demonstrate their relevance and contribution to economic and social development."



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