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Homeshores-Direct™: A Festival of World Cultures 365™

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed its the only thing that ever has" (Margaret Meade)  

Welcome to VoxLabs, where you can learn how-to live the life you would really love to live. The VoxLabs Model is a Community Co-op 'toolbox' from which you can choose whats suits your requirements best in creating your own Community Jobs, Sm'art Jobs aka. Culture-driven and ICT based Jobs. And it's ready for use by your Community now. First of all, everyone can participate. Once you can choose your own Kind of Community Co-op governance or administration - Worker, Producer, Consumer, Social, Retail or Business & Employment. And then when you have considered what Type of Co-op you want to support your efforts - Credit Union, Co-op Bank, Agriculture, Housing, Building, Utility, Wholesale Society, Co-operative Federation, Co-operative Union or even a Co-operative Party. After which you probably already or now are ready to register your dotCoop (.Coop) domain with Registrar. Finbally, and the most critical choice, is which Internationally Traded-Services best suited to you and your Community - Health, Education, Insurance, Financial, Culture, Travel, Materials, Consumer or Commercial services.

Either way, it enables you to proceed  to opening your own eCommunity-branded Storefront at the VoxWorld.Coop Outlets, under your own independent private label. It only takes a week, And our authorised provider can build a low cost Web-in-a-Week for you.

Or your community-based organisation members can build/ own/ open their own MicroFranchises in a virtual eBusiness using VoxLabs model and customised interfaces - in order to sell direct from Home to and through your Diaspora/ Global Neighbourhood Communities worldwide with VoxLabs model. We could even seek to introduce partners interested in licensing your products, whenever it proves commercial to do so, always using VoxLabs model and its ECO-friendly packaging systems.


Consumer Service Provider (Collaboration & Model Licensing Rights)

Portals: VoxWorld.Coop

[email protected]

Virtual E-Business Model Name: Vox Labs
Registered Address: Waikiki, 113 Shrewsbury Lawn, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, Ireland

Social Marketplace for Virtual Communities:
Name: VoxWorld.Coop

Tel: +353 1 2848174
Skype Name: voxworld.coop

eMail: [email protected]

To Contact us now about your specific interest in adopting VoxLabs® 'Sm'art Co-op' Model:

VOXLABS: [email protected]

LICENSING AUTHORITY:  [email protected]

AFFILIATES: [email protected]

CUSTOMISATION:  [email protected]

PARTNERS:  [email protected]

SMARTSHOPS:  [email protected]

STOREFRONTS: [email protected]

       INFO:  [email protected]

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